We are located in Grand Rapids/Ada Michigan. We provide piano, violin, singing, woodwind lessons, and so much more. You may start at age 3 - adults, all levels, all styles. Beginners welcomed! We understand what parents need to know about helping their child experience real success in playing music all the way through HS. We have helped over 20 area school districts in West Michigan with their band/orchestra programs and have been trusted by over 5,000 families. We are here for you and want you to have fun while learning your favorite songs and trying different instruments.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Piano, Violin, Singing, Guitar, Woodwind instruments, Brass Instruments - all in one location
  • Highly qualified and professional instructor since 1983
  • You design your lesson program and learn the music you want to learn
  • 24/7 communications with your instructor
  • Month- to -Month lessons, no semester contracts

Serviced Areas

  • Grand Rapids, Ada, Rockford, Lowell, Jenison, Hudsonville, Kentwood, Cascade, Forest Hills, East Grand Rapids

Payment Options

  • Cash Only, Money Orders, Bill pay from your bank

Contact Details

  Person Susan Betz
  City Ada, MI
  Zip Code 49301
  Address 6249 Adacroft Dr
  Phone Number (616) 682-2455

Business Representative

Susan Betz

Owner/Music Director

Ms. Betz has been the owner of Ada Piano Academy since 1983. She is the master instructor and teaches all the music lessons. She specializes in teaching the very young (ages 3 - 6) and has a successful private music lesson program for the young. You will find her very warm and caring to all students. Many of her students keep in contact with her after the graduate from high school. She has been hired by 20 school directors to conduct lessons after school, substitute director and music judge.

Products & Services

Private Music Lesson Specialist

$23.00 - $57.00
Private Music Lesson Specialist

Piano, keyboard, violin, guitar, cello, singing, recorder, clarinet, saxophone, oboe, flute, bassoon, beginning brass instruments lessons all in one location. Our music lesson program is all about YOU. Our professional and qualified instructor, who is the owner/Music Director of the academy, has been teaching for 30 years and is the Master Instructor for all our students. She comes highly recommended by parents and students (read our testimonial page on our website) . She has been hired by 20 band directors to teach lessons after school, taught at all music stores since 1983. She knows what band/orchestra school programs are looking for and can prepare students successful even before their school program begins.

She is available 24/7 to assist you at home while practicing. Not only will you be able to talk privately with her each lesson, you will receive your own practice assignment sheet outlined in details every week so you know exactly what to practice and how your child is doing. We keep music lessons FUN and EASY while accomplishing all you need to successful play your favorite songs. You have the option to change instruments at any time and stay with your same day/time and instructor. We will be able to have the same instructor for years, unlike other music schools frequently change teachers. We love children and welcome all ages 3 - adult. You will be able to perform at our bi annual concerts where your children can dress up in costume and/or perform with siblings and parents. Almost like talent shows.

Customer Testimonials

My twins girls have taken piano, clarinet, and now guitar lessons with Ms. Betz in her home music studio for the past 7 years. They tell me that she makes learning to play an instrument a lot of fun. They do not complain about the lessons, or the practice times needed. She adjusts the practice plan according to them individually. She keeps them motivated and feeling confident and treats them with respect. I find Ms. Betz to be very organized, and she offers clear communication for both parents and students. I am happy that my girls enjoy taking music lessons in spite of their busy schedules.

Fully dedicated to her students and their success! Ms Betz has a way to work with all ages. Strong woman of God with patience and pure knowledge in teaching and guiding her students.
Definitely would recommend!!

Photo Book

From Our Website

Our daughter started taking piano lessons when she was 5 year old and we are amazed at how much Ms. Betz has taught her in just one year. 6 years later, Megan still enjoys her music lessons and is excited to practice what she learns. Ms. Betz makes the experience fun for the kids and they really learn a great deal. Kids can begin piano at ages 3 to 18. Piano and keyboard music lessons, All styles. Beginner, intermediate, advanced piano students welcomed. 30/45/60 minute music lessons available.

Do you have a child aged 3 -6 years old? Great! We totally agree with you as we are parents ourselves. Therefore, we created a music lesson program with your kiddo in mind who are 3 to 6 years old. We just love this age group and are really excited to see our little friends each week in our music class. You will be thrilled to see your child learn their favorites songs on the piano while learning musical terms and playing real piano music. Your eyes will be filled with tears of joy! So, go ahead and ENROLL your child today in their very first Piano Lesson Program.

Piano lessons for kids is an excellent activity for laying a strong foundation of music education for kids of all ages. And most kids begin with Piano because the piano lays out the musical foundations to a successful and rewarding music experience. And, did you know, we begin children as young as 3 years old? Choosing your piano lessons at Ada Piano Academy will be one of your best decisions as we cater to exactly what your child want to achieve with your lessons. Maybe she likes Disney music, or your son enjoys Star Wars to Harry Potter music; they will soon be shining their talents while performing for family and friends.

Serving the communities of Ada, Grand Rapids, Forest Hills, Cascade, Lowell, Rockford, and Northview.