Situated in the mountains of Western North Carolina in historic Black Mountain, Acoustic Corner is a different type of musical instrument shop. In these days of huge corporate chain-stores and impersonal internet sales, Acoustic Corner provides an range of unique acoustic instruments in a hands-on, relaxed, helpful atmosphere.

Contact Details

  City Black Mountain, NC
  Zip Code 28711
  Address 105 Montreat Rd # F
  Phone Number (828) 669-5162

From Our Website

Music has great power to enrich the spirit and give expression to what stirs in the soul. As musicians, every member of the crew at Acoustic Corner "gets it." We know that every facet of our business - sales, rentals, repairs, support - is about serving those who serve the music. We are not a box-store focused on maximum sales with minimum customer interaction. Nor are we a boutique focused primarily on instruments the vast majority of people can't afford. We are an independent acoustic stringed instrument shop with a 20 year history of offering consistently high quality instruments and service to people, many of whom we know on a first-name basis.

We've all heard it said, "You get exactly what you pay for!" That is true, but not the whole truth. Most of us know from personal experience that it is also possible to get less than what we paid for. We purchased the expensive brand with the well-known name promoted in beautiful glossy ads only to find that it didn't live up to it's reputation. Fortunately, most of us have probably had the pleasant surprise of purchasing something that performed brilliantly. In that case, we got more than what we paid for.

One of our shop regulars recently said, "People like Acoustic Corner because you guys know what you're doing and enjoy what you're doing." We appreciate the compliment and we make it our goal to live up to it every day when we open the doors for business. Each one of us brings to the job our love of music, of well-made musical instruments and our commitment to support the musicians and music communities that feel the same. On any given day, you might encounter one or more of the following folks at Acoustic Corner.

Proper care is essential for the performance and longevity of a musical instrument, and any instrument may experience need of repair from time to time. Acoustic Corner is proud to offer a level of repair service that is worthy of the most discerning musician's confidence. Onsite repairs are provided by luthier Mark Burin. Mark has over 17 years experience in every aspect of repair on guitars (acoustic and electric), banjos, mandolins, violins, cellos, basses. From new instrument setups, to fret dressing or replacement, to more major repairs such as neck resets we are able to provide professional quality results for you and your instrument.

Acoustic Corner has been the "go-to" source for stringed instrument rentals in Buncombe County for nearly 20 years - earning the trust and praise of students, parents and instructors throughout the area. We begin with instruments that are of noticeably higher quality than those generally available as rental instruments. Brands like Eastman & Shen are well-known and respected among knowledgeable string instructors for providing uncommon quality and value. Also, we are the only locally owned shop that owns and maintains it's rental instruments.