The study of music has proven to be beneficial educationally and socially, and also promotes people's health and well-being. Music can stimulate your brain, providing a platform for social interaction and a limitless creative outlet. Recent studies, promoted by the American Music Conference, have shown that young children who play music show dramatic improvements in memory retention skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial-temporal reasoning skills, which assist in learning math and science. Adolescents who study music show higher SAT scores than those who do not. Advantages of Learning Accordion.

♫ Enhances body coordination and function
♫ Promotes solo skill and group cooperation
♫ Develops natural talents and abilities
♫ Better attention, memory, and organization skills
♫ Increases self-esteem and confidence
♫ Broadens interest in culture and human relationships
♫ Improves posture through proper sitting and standing
♫ Builds character and discipline
♫ Help achieve higher IQ and SAT scores
♫ Easy to carry, highly mobile instrument
♫ Provides entertainment in many settings
♫ Supported by many accordion societies with scholarship opportunities
♫ Rising demands in society
♫ Share same music theory with all other instruments

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  City Folsom, CA
  Zip Code 95630
  Address 1128 Blue Heron Court
  Phone Number (916) 351-1113

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Class Information

Class Information

♫ Students may qualify for scholarships from several accordion clubs and associations.
♫ We teach children who desire to learn piano accordion, from 7 years old and up, and high school students looking for a unique Senior Project.
♫ Our standard teaching method: Palmer-Hughes Accordion Courses.
♫ Teacher: Caleb Lee School founder and teacher (Folsom) .
♫ Students may qualify for scholarships from several accordion clubs and associations.
♫ Class Time: Thursday whole day, and most evenings, by schedule.

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