We're a private piano school in the Carrollwood area of Tampa Florida. We specialize in early childhood education. We believe that music is an art form that all kids can learn. Although every child can evolve this intelligence, we realize not every child will become a master of this art; nor is it necessary.

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  City Tampa, FL
  Zip Code 33624
  Address Carrollwood Area
  Phone Number (813) 264-6448

From Our Website

The Academy of Musical Arts provides your child with the opportunity to develop important life skills for adulthood. Solo performances at recitals develop students' ability to perform in front of an audience, developing the confidence to present and stand independently. Students feel good about their achieved accomplishments. Each student gets an individualized plan and is encouraged to do more than the minimum to develop personal excellence. Lessons and Recitals are well structured to teach seemly behavior, boundaries and develop strict adherence to rules & order.

Although some children are prepared to start as young as 3, some children are not ready until they become 4 or even 6. Only once did a child begin lessons at 2 years old. An evaluation is offered at no charge to determine whether your child is ready to begin lessons at this academy. Your child will need to be able to demonstrate all of the following prerequisites before formal instrumental lessons may begin. Parent participation is the key to the success. The parent attends the classes to learn how to practice with their child and then practices at home together with their child.