Traditional Piano and Voice students enjoy recitals, public performances, music club and adjudicated events Guitar and Drum students, along with piano and voice, who wish to play Rock-n-Roll, may enter our Rock Academy Projects. This young group of rockers will practice together once a week and attend Gigs through out Central Ohio. See Rock Academy page for more information.

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  City Lancaster, OH
  Zip Code 43130
  Address 921 Ety Rd NW
  Phone Number (740) 687-2222

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We have been with Molly and 88 Keys Music Studio for over 7 years now. All three of my children have taken lessons from Molly and I highly recommend the studio. Molly's enthusiasm and passion is contagious and my children have NEVER complained about going to lessons. Our daughter, has been a student for over 8 years. She is a little shy side and music has opened up a new world for her. She has gained confidence through music. Molly and all of the teachers who have helped her through out their years are very passionate about teaching their students.

Ukulele classes are great for young children who can not play a jr or full size guitar yet. This instrument allows them to have control of their instrument and learn with eas. It's amazing how simple and fun the ukulele is to play! Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Riptide, Lava Song, Can't Help Falling in Love. These are just a few of the easy to learn and fun to play songs you will be learning with us! Contact us in Pickerington, Ohio, to request more information about our lessons or discuss the alternate music programs your children are able to participate in.

Our string program currently includes private instruction on violin. Our private violin lessons start as young as age 4 and can be taught in the Suzuki method, traditional method, or combination of both. Parents are welcome to sit in on these lessons to help the young student with technique at home. We supplement our private violin lessons with fun ensembles that teach students camaraderie and team work, skills that are critical in world of string playing, orchestral playing, and life! We encourage the participation of these ensembles in our recitals and workshops (Optional).

88 Keys Music Studio offers piano lessons for students of all ages and abilities from beginners to very advanced students. For all students, special attention is paid to developing a strong foundation in ergonomic technique and ease of playing, the building blocks of a virtuosic keyboard technique. Auxiliary skills such as ear-training, sight-reading, and theory are simultaneously developed in order to create a comprehensive skill set that enables the student to play the style of music of his or her choice.

We offer a wide variety of drum lessons or percussion lessons. Most of our students learn on a drum kit. We typically do not start drum lessons before age 6 as students need to be able to reach both the pedal and the cymbals. We do have some younger students who start with our Pre-school program which surrounds the drum set but we use other percussion instruments as well. Drum lessons are taught on drum kits in our studios but students are able to get started practicing at home on practice pads before purchasing or renting a drum kit.